Lash Out!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting all eyes on you has never been easier. Just use false lashes! Apply them at home by following these simple steps.

1. Size false lashes to your eyes and trim any excess from the ends.

2. Apply mascara to your natural lashes to allow falsies to blend in.

3. Squeeze a tiny amount of lash glue directly along the lash strip and make sure to wait a few seconds for it to get sticky.

4. Position the lash strip at the center of your lash line. Use a tweezer to position and lightly push lashes to the inner and outer corners, concentrating on where the base of the lashes and the lids meet.

5.Apply black liquid liner to hide glue and merge lashes.

Natural Volume False Eyelashes,

Shu Uemura, $21;

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