Be a bronze Goddess

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Create a beautiful glow with the right bronzer. for optimum results, try out what’s in the market:

1. POWDER: dust cheeks, forehead and neck for a quick radiance.

2. STICK: looks most natural; enhances and contours facial features.

3. SPRAY: it’s a bronzer, but it’s also the best full-body alternative to sun tanning.

4. HIGHLIGHTER: dab a touch of illuminizing cream on the brow bone and apples of cheeks.

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Terracotta Blush Sun Shimmer Highlighter in Spicy Coral, Guerlain, $41;

Limited Edition Terracotta Sun In The City Bronzer,

Guerlain, $70;

Multiple in St. Barts, NARS, $39;