The Wedding Whisperer

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Finding the perfect hair and makeup for your most intimate moment goes far beyond lip shade and blush. Your artist may be your most important accessory. Here are some key considerations:

THE PRO: Yes, they may be expensive but their experience will save you time and ensure a smooth, stress free result. Ask around for a glowing recommendation and book at least a year in advance.

THE VIBE: You know when an artist loves what they do because they have a multitude of ideas and understand their responsibility in facilitating all the things positive and beautiful for you. Do they make you feel beautiful?

THE KARMA: Your cosmetologist of the last few years has made you laugh, kept your color maintained and touched up your makeup before that blind date. Have they earned your first consideration? The most beautiful brides are free of complication and know the importance of balanced, honorable relationships.

Be Beautiful!


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